Ceramics, Aquarelle, Acrylic & Oil Paintings

Netty Beukers van Steen

Netty Beukers van Steen

Netty already showed many interest in art during her younger years. Music and writing during her study for Primary School Teacher and work on a Montessori College, until her decision to become a full-time artist.

Started designing sculptures, Netty quickly changed her passion into painting. Aquarelle, because off the transparent technic which caught her interest, later completed with Acrylic and Oil due to the encouragements of two famous dutch artists.

Walking with Kees, her husband who also organises the expositions, Netty tells us: we live next to a water and nature territory, this in combination with the many travels we undertake, form an endless inspiration resource for all my work of art.

Netty also organises work-shops on a regular basis and is co-founder of artist group « Les Couleurs ».

Wandelaars in een witte wereld


Currently, Netty holds a collection of over 500 pieces of art in stock, mostly paintings, made in Aquarelle, Acrylic and Oil.

Some items can be viewed here, which gives you the opportunity to have direct access to Netty's œuvre from within your livingroom.

A larger selection of ceramics and paintings from her collection will be displayed on a regular basis at expositions, art-fairs and in galleries.

All art-work is for sale. Contact Netty for more information and wishes such as frame and passepartout.

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